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Joe Iarocci with Cairnway, Dave Bernard with The Intellection Group, and Angela Ellington with Moistura Silk

John Ray, Dave Bernard, Angela Ellington, Joe Iarocci, Mike Sammond

Joe Iarocci/Cairnway

Cairnway is a collective of servant leadership promoters helping businesses apply the power of servant leadership in the workplace. Servant leadership is a powerful approach to achieving common goals in which the leader acts to serve those who are led. Cairnway offers practical servant leadership training programs for individuals and teams that seek superior results. Servant leadership works for those pursuing greater employee engagement, customer loyalty and innovation. Members of the Cairnway team appreciate every opportunity to share their expertise in management, leadership development, human resources, executive education, coaching and public speaking.

Dave Bernard/The Intellection Group

As they have done for 15 years, The Intellection Group fixes broken and stalled technology projects for CTOs, CFOs, COOs, and CEOs of organizations of all sizes. The company’s specialty is complex (and often, award-winning) SaaS projects, and they’ve become well-known as the “vendor of last resorts” for many of their clients. The Intellection Group’s work has won awards such as the TAG Excalibur Award, the TAG Top 40 Most Innovative Company Award, and the Virginia Governor’s Technology Award. The company is a recognized innovator in natural language and virtual reality technologies.

Angela Ellington/Moistura Silk

Moistura Silk hair care brand creates a sensorial approach to hair care, delivering a holistic beauty experience with an uncompromised look and feel of hair. A holistic beauty experience where technology and feelings coexist as one. The result is a hair experience that you can smell…see…feel the difference. Moistura Silk is a multicultural product for all textures of hair. The brand manufacturer is RTG Research Laboratories LLC, a personal care company located in Atlanta Georgia. RTG Research Laboratories, will focus on grassroots community efforts to include the commitment to educate young women in the field of cosmetic science.


Jack Berube with Zenergyst Technologies, Dr. Jyotir Jani with Piedmont Physicians at John’s Creek, and Chris LaMorte with Web Chimpy

John Ray, Chris LaMorte, Dr. Jyotir Jani, Jack Berube

Jack Berube/Zenergyst Technologies

Zenergyst is THE operating system for real estate agents – a single cloud platform with all of the necessary applications to run a real estate business entirely from the cloud. Agents can acquire and manage customers using Zenergyst’s lead capture, drip marketing and CRM, and can empower their business process with work flow checklists, integrated electronic signatures and shareable document storage. Also a one of a kind consumer dashboard introduces never before seen transparency for consumers into the real estate transaction. Zenergyst is a portfolio company of the National Association of REALTORS.

Dr. Jyotir Jani/Piedmont Physicians at John’s Creek

A private, not-for-profit organization serving nearly 2 million patients across Georgia, Piedmont is transforming healthcare, creating a destination for the best clinicians and a one-of-a-kind experience that always puts patients first. Today, more than 110 years since it was founded, Piedmont is known as a leading health system in cancer care, treatment of heart disease and organ transplantation with 7 hospitals, 19 urgent care centers, 94 physician practice locations – including Piedmont Physicians at Johns Creek – and 1615 Piedmont Clinic members. Our 16,500 employees dedicate themselves to making a positive difference in every life we touch and our commitment doesn’t stop there. In FY 2016, Piedmont provided more than $142 million in uncompensated care and invested an additional $9.6 million in community benefit programming.

Chris LaMorte/Web Chimpy

Web Chimpy is an innovative marketing company that builds websites for small businesses and helps market them online. They use a proprietary software that helps speed up their processes so they can get great results at an affordable price.



Brian Mock with Insured Benefit Plans, Robert M. Rosner with Robert M. Rosner and Associates and Tom Studer with Symmetry Benefit Solutions

John Ray, Brian Mock, Robert M. Rosner, Tom Studer, Mike Sammond

Brian Mock/Insured Benefit Plans

Insured Benefit Plans, (IBP) and Alternative Benefit Plans, (ABP) are focused on assisting employers in the development and administration of employee benefit programs, with a key focus on health insurance and the employee engagement required to educate plan participants about their benefits.  ABP handles all aspects of the administration of self-funded health plans, including plan design, network administration, re-insurance contracting, claims paying and plan reviews, typically for companies with 100 or more employees.  IBP’s focus is on fully-insured programs for small to medium businesses with anywhere from 2 to 2000 employees and the day to day administration of those plans for their clients.  Their product knowledge goes beyond health insurance, the key component of most employee benefit plans, to Life, Disability, Dental, Vision and Worksite insurance programs.

Robert M. Rosner/Robert M. Rosner and Associates

Robert M. Rosner, CLU is the owner and president of Robert M. Rosner and Associates. Rosner and Associates is an independent insurance agency, representing a variety of companies to obtain the right insurance policies for their clients.  Robert has over 40 years’ experience. He has earned the professional designation of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). Robert works with business owners, sales people, self-employed business people and professionals. He enjoys working with young professionals that are still in school or in training. Robert also works with other life insurance, property and casualty agents, and stockbrokers and financial planners. They appreciate his expertise and broad knowledge base in all areas of insurance.

Tom Studer/Symmetry Benefit Solutions

Symmetry Benefit Solutions provides employee benefits solutions for small to mid-size companies. Customizing a company’s benefit helps them to attract and retain the brightest and best employees. They do that by analyzing a company’s present plan and compare to companies in their industry. Once that is completed, they will provide solutions with an array of health plans as well as unique volunteer products which will improve their current benefits while lowering cost. They will run a wage and benefit compensation report for your industry at no cost.