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Bret Rachlin with Sales Resonance, Bill Tepper with Provaré Technology, and Matt Minicozzi with Advantage Technologies

John Ray, Bret Rachlin, Bill Tepper, Matt Minicozzi, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Bret Rachlin, Bill Tepper, Matt Minicozzi, Mike Sammond

Bret Rachlin/Sales Resonance

Sales Resonance enables businesses to reduce friction around sales and marketing by grounding strategy, process and content in buyer insights. Sales Resonance realigns B2B firms’ marketing and sales teams around how their buyers buy. Sales Resonance is devoted to marketing-driven sales and sales-driven marketing. They take an outside-in approach to help B2B companies develop a deeper understanding of their buyers’ needs and how they buy. That insight is then infused into sales and marketing strategy, process and content to help drive leads and produce results….achieving “Sales Resonance.”

Bill Tepper/Provaré Technology

Founded in 2004, Provaré Technology helps companies in any and every industry and field improve the quality of their products and services and improve the productivity of their teams and this the profitability of their efforts. Provaré improves team productivity via the optimization of business and technology development processes, the smart selection and use of technology and automation, elimination of overspending on unproductive technologies, and the creation and optimization of dashboards and other means to obtain real-time feedback from business operations. While these improvements tend to result in quality products and services as a natural outcome, they add software and product testing to the mix to ensure that we have achieved that objective.

Matt Minicozzi/Advantage Technologies

Advantage Technologies is the leading source of technology integration solutions for the medical, dental, legal, CPA and SMB communities. With our highly skilled information technology team, Advantage Technologies understands the needs and requirements of the modern office and develops customized IT infrastructures to support them. The training and experience we have enables us to truly deliver a “Hassle Free I.T.” experience to your entire business.

NORTH ATLANTA’S BIZLINK: Tosha Marks with the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce

Deborah Lanham, Tosha Marks, Mike Sammond

Deborah Lanham, Tosha Marks, Mike Sammond

Tosha Marks/Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the North Fulton Chamber is to be the catalyst for economic development, business growth, and quality of life in North Fulton. The GNFCC promotes the interests of their members by assuming a leadership role in making North Fulton an excellent place to work, live, play and stay. They provide one voice for all local businesses to influence decision makers, recommend legislation, and protect the valuable resources that make North Fulton a popular place to live. From economic development to quality of life, the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC) is active in promoting positive growth and sense of community pride.








Brad Wolff with JumpVine, Amy Refeca with Refeca Law, and Kyle Valencia with Valencia Productions

John Ray, Brad Wolff, Amy Refeca, Kyle Valencia, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Brad Wolff, Amy Refeca, Kyle Valencia, Mike Sammond

Brad Wolff/JumpVine

JumpVine is the best hiring solution for small businesses. Small businesses usually struggle in the area of hiring the right people but don’t not want to pay large recruiting fee. JumpVine’s Hire2Retain offering provides this solution. JumpVine makes this process easy and efficient at a price small businesses feel good about. JumpVine has also reduced the rate of turnover in the first year from a national average of 5 out of 10 leaving in the first year to only 2 out of 10 by doing the things that recruiting firms do not do.

Amy Refeca/Refeca Law

Refeca Law is an estate planning and elder law firm with a focus on women. Women are at the intersection of caregiving for the generation above them (their parents), alongside them (ill spouse and/or special needs sibling) and below them (their own children). Women who are working outside the home and go to their job and have these worries hanging over their head. Women, especially women who are head of a single parent household, need a plan that addresses things such as who will care for your children if they cannot? Who and how will they care for their aging parents with their own children at home? Who will care for them when they themselves are aging?

Kyle Valencia/Valencia Productions

Kyle Valencia started Valencia Productions over 13 years ago. Valencia Productions helps companies market themselves through photos, videos, and graphic design. From corporate headshots to promotional videos, they help tell their clients’ story and strengthen their clients’ brands. They have had the pleasure to work with local chiropractors, car washes, & restaurants as well as larger clients like Gordon Foods and Jackson Healthcare. Kyle is dedicated to continue to help his clients thrive while being their creative support!




Jordan Fromby and Mark Tomlinson with Farratech, Ned Lenhart with Interstate Tax Strategies, and Rich Gerber with Aladdin Travel Services

John Ray, Jordan Formby, Mark Tomlison, Ned Lenhart, Rich Gerber, Adam Gerber, Steven Julian

John Ray, Jordan Formby, Mark Tomlison, Ned Lenhart, Rich Gerber, Adam Gerber, Steven Julian

Jordan Formby & Mark Tomlinson/Farratech

FarraTech, formerly known as Laser Supply & Service, was founded in 1990 and is based in Norcross, Georgia. FarraTech has one simple philosophy: to be the best customer service company in Atlanta. Whatever your laser printer, copier, service or repair needs may be, they invite you to experience for yourself what makes FarraTech an extraordinary company. Their people, their focus on quality, and their dedication to doing business with integrity are what they care about and strive for daily.

Ned Lenhart/Interstate Tax Strategies

Interstate Tax Strategies is CPA firm that is laser focused on all matters of multi-state sales tax. They work with local and national retailers, e-commerce companies, distributors, technology companies, and service providers to help them understand their sales tax obligations in other states and to develop proactive strategies to effectively manage these obligations. For companies that find themselves with sales tax problems they also have strategies for working with the state to minimize the liabilities and get the taxpayer on the right path. They work with companies located throughout the U.S. and have worked on projects in each of the 45 states that have sales tax. They work directly for companies or with the Company’s CPA. Because each states has its own sales tax rules, businesses operating in multiple states are required to know and follow each set of rules.

Rich Gerber/Aladdin Travel Services

Aladdin Travel Services  is one of Atlanta’s most trusted and respected “Brick and Mortar” travel agencies that specializes in Corporate and Leisure travel throughout the entire world. They have been in business providing their clients with the best travel arrangements for personal and business travel since 1987. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga, with independent travel consultants throughout the continental US to provide an unparalleled travel service each and every time. Not only do they specialize in leisure and corporate travel they also specialize in Cruises (River or Oceanic), Meetings, Events, Incentive Travel, Guided and Independent Tours, and Hotel and Villa Rentals.

Kenneth Davis with Renasant Bank, Tara Lamboley with REV Demand, and Brad Camp with Talos Consulting

John Ray, Brad Camp, Tara Lamboley, Kenneth Davis, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Brad Camp, Tara Lamboley, Kenneth Davis, Mike Sammond

Kenneth Davis/Renasant Bank

Renasant Bank is a 112-year old financial services institution with assets of approximately $8.5 Billion operating more than 175 banking, mortgage, financial services and insurance offices in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Founded in 1904 in Tupelo, Mississippi, Renasant Bank is one of the South’s oldest financial institutions.

Tara Lamboley/REV Demand

REV Demand was created with the goal of helping owners of business-to-business services organizations achieve the success they envisioned when starting out in business. REV Demand works with small to midsize companies to maximize their top-line revenue by implementing consistent lead generation strategies such as email marketing and Webinars to fill the sales pipeline. They establish well-defined and repeatable processes for lead generation and qualification. They also help executive managers to verify that the right people in the organization are reaching the right target audience with the right message.

Brad Camp/Talos Consulting

Talos Consulting was created out of the need to bring cyber security protection to the nation’s top companies and the critical data they maintain. Talos’ consultants are experts from both the utility and security industries that have come together to create a unique consulting group that deals specifically with the cyber security issues facing today’s top companies.  The Talos Consulting approach involves a blend of offensive and defensive security strategies that are applied to each aspect of your operations. These strategies allow your organization to discover and remediate existing threats, defend against future threats, and meet compliance objectives.