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Dr. Jim Morrow with Morrow Family Medicine, Kimberly Graver with E-Transform, and Andy Jordan with Milton Business Alliance

John Ray, Dr. Jim Morrow, Kimberly Graver, Andy Jordan, Mike Sammond

Dr. Jim Morrow/Morrow Family Medicine

Morrow Family Medicine is a state of the art family medicine practice that utilizes the latest in technology combined with old-fashioned care. They are “bringing care back to healthcare” in Milton and Cumming. With easy appointments, a morning walk-in hour and online access to medical information, they offer the access to care and to your information that patients deserve and expect. They accept most insurances and have the lowest self-pay rates in the area. They think you will agree… this is the way healthcare SHOULD be! Established by Dr. James Morrow in 1998, Morrow Family Medicine quickly became a “go-to” practice for Forsyth County residents due to its open-access policy, same-day appointments and popular morning walk-in hour.

Kimberly Graver/E-Transform

The team at E-Transform began with one simple goal in mind; to revolutionize the call center business. So many of us had seen business done the wrong way, and they have set out to change it. They are proactive, instead of reactive. Their internal corporate culture reflects the way they do business – with respect, communication, and a positive and energetic attitude. This successful model has transferred to their other related lines of service as well. They like “e” words. One of their favorites is execution. They truly believe that the secret to a successful business model is exceptional execution, all the time. And that is what E-Transform gives you. They push ourselves to go the extra mile, provide the same level of service they want to receive, and think out-of-the-box by providing flexible pricing models.

Andy Jordan/Milton Business Alliance

The Milton Business Alliance was established to “promote and maintain….a positive commercial environment in which existing and future Milton businesses can thrive”. Their objectives include “promoting the economic development of the City of Milton through the maximization of commercial infrastructure, to encourage the locating of businesses within the City environs and to assist and support the businesses and business persons who are located in the City of Milton”. In a recent board strategy session it was determined that MBA’s “driving force” is service to businesses in Milton with a primary goal of promoting Milton businesses. This includes helping members win more business, advocating for local businesses when necessary, serving as a voice for business with a civic presence, networking for business growth, building relationships with other local business leaders and partnering with the City of Milton to advance general business interests. Ultimately they would like to build the ranks of MBA into a thriving group of local business owners or operators and residents that support business in our community.



NORTH ATLANTA’S BIZLINK: Fern Johnson with CSI Laboratories and Cheri Windeler with Pineapple Gifts

Deborah Lanham, Cheri Windeler, Fern Johnson, Mike Sammond

Deborah Lanham, Cheri Windeler, Fern Johnson, Mike Sammond

Fern Johnson/CSI Laboratories

CSI Laboratories is a specialized cancer diagnostics laboratory focused specifically on meeting the unique needs and challenges of pathologists and the patients they serve. CSI Laboratories is independently owned and operated by medical professionals and has provided reliable and expert diagnostic testing to pathologists across the United States since 1997.

Cheri Windeler/Pineapple Gifts

Pineapple Gifts has spent years amassing a collection of fabulous corporate gifts and promotional items you won’t find anywhere else. They know how hard it is to find tasteful corporate gifts! They look hard for items that will actually be used, reflect well on you, are memorable and will leave a lasting positive impression. Pineapple Gifts would love to find just the right thing for you.


Kurt Hilbert with The Hilbert Law Firm, Dawn Cook with DayBreak Enterprises, and Mike Nolan with Star Asset Security

John Ray, Kurt Hilbert, Dawn Cook, Mike Nolan, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Kurt Hilbert, Dawn Cook, Mike Nolan, Mike Sammond

Kurt Hilbert/The Hilbert Law Firm

The Hilbert Law Firm provides skillful representation that is versatile, efficient and personal, achieving results in court and in alternative forums that other firms are afraid to tackle.  Their firm offers the perfect blend of creativity, client service and cost-effective solutions. Their seasoned attorneys brainstorm, strategize and quickly implement legal techniques that are designed to win and achieve your goals. At The Hilbert Law Firm, they are trained litigators who thoroughly analyze cases from the perspective of both a Plaintiff and Defendant. They appear regularly in federal and state courts throughout Georgia, routinely and skillfully resolve matters in alternative dispute forums and provide comprehensive transactional, corporate, and litigation expertise.

Dawn Cook/DayBreak Enterprises

DayBreak Enterprises provides coaching, consulting and training to small and medium sized businesses that are looking to invest in the development of their employees. Their mission is to help organizations drive profits by developing their emotional intelligence. They believe that better emotional intelligence (EQ) leads to better leaders which lead to better business performance. Research shows that leaders and teams with high EQ perform at a higher level, contribute to increased corporate earnings, enjoy higher morale and experience lower turnover. DayBreak likes proving that research is accurate.

Mike Nolan/Star Asset Security

Star Asset Security provides Physical security and Cyber/IT security solutions to small and mid market businesses through its ION247 offerings. ION247 is their brand of solutions that fit the needs and budget of the SMB market. Solutions include Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Video Monitoring, and IT Managed Services. All of their solutions are cloud based and run on a single network keeping Total Cost of ownership down.


Billy Gazdik with The Barter Company, Diane Lasorda with Preferred Administrative Solutions, and David Bacigalupi with Welcomemat Services of North Atlanta

John Ray, Billy Gazdik, Diane Lasorda, David Bacigalupi, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Billy Gazdik, Diane Lasorda, David Bacigalupi, Mike Sammond

Billy Gazdik/The Barter Company

The Barter Company has established itself as the leading force in the barter industry throughout the Southeast with offices in Georgia and Florida. The Barter Company provides businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle transactions. The Barter Company actively manages the network with highly skilled trade coordinators making the barter experience simple and smooth. The benefits of B2B barter include improved cash flow and cost savings by minimizing the cash outlay for everyday business expenses and helps bring new customers and increased market share. Today, barter plays an important role in the payments industry with businesses incorporating it into their system along with cash, credit, virtual payments, and loyalty cards. The Barter Company offers clients an app available for iPhones, iPad, and Android that allows them to search for the nearest participating barter clients. Each client of The Barter Company receives a “barter card” that many clients accept and swipe just like a credit or debit card. In addition to managing the B2B barter network, The Barter Company acts as a third-party records keeper and provides clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales, and current barter dollar balance.

Diane Lasorda/Preferred Administrative Solutions

Preferred Administrative Solutions provides administrative/secretarial services both virtually and through hands-on office help via internet, phone and email. Services include keeping databases, managing financial records, travel arrangements, desktop publishing, etc. Preferred Administrative Solutions provides personal administrative assistance without the cost of office space, employee benefits or equipment. It’s a significant benefit for the small business owner because they only pay for “what they need” vs. having the “full time overhead cost” of an administrative assistant.

David Bacigalupi/Welcomemat Services of North Atlanta

Welcomemat Services is a marketing strategies and technology company providing monthly direct mail packages to individuals and families who have recently changed their address. Welcomemat was founded in 2003 and since then they have grown into a nationwide service with over 60 franchises across the country. Welcomemat represents thousands of businesses throughout the United States. In the North Fulton area there are thousands of new families moving here each month and Welcomemat sends welcome packets to all of them.