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Keith Reed with magicJack for Business, Liz Hausmann with the Fulton County Commission & the GNFCC, and Elek Woodliff with Humble Pie Pizza Company

John Ray, Keith Reed, Liz Hausmann, Elek Woodliff, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Keith Reed, Liz Hausmann, Elek Woodliff, Mike Sammond

Keith Reed/magicJack for Business

magicJack for BUSINESS provides small businesses with easy-to-use, affordable and reliable internet phone service. Tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses, magicJack for BUSINESS offers a wide range of business phone features with over 99.99% connectivity uptime and state of the art VoIP clarity at a fraction of the cost.


Liz Hausmann/Fulton County Commission & GNFCC

Fulton County operates under the commission-county manager form of government. This system combines the policy leadership of elected officials with the administrative abilities of a county manager. The commission meets in regular session twice a month on the first Wednesday (10 a.m.) and the third Wednesday (10 a.m.).

The mission of the North Fulton Chamber is to be the catalyst for economic development, business growth, and quality of life in North Fulton. The GNFCC promotes the interests of its members by assuming a leadership role in making North Fulton an excellent place to work, live, play and stay. They provide one voice for all local businesses to influence decision makers, recommend legislation, and protect the valuable resources that make North Fulton a popular place to live.

Elek Woodliff/Humble Pie Pizza Company

img_3848Visit Humble Pie Pizza Company in Alpharetta and check out the new menu featuring signature sandwiches and pies from Chef Abe Colin. Sizeable sandwiches and colorful specialty pies match the peace-and-love decor, though diners can also craft individual pies as well. Don’t forget to ask about their desserts. Make Humble Pie your home for pizza in Alpharetta and Milton.










Ken Jones with CMIT Solutions of North Fulton, Stefanie Sheehan with Mastermind Your Launch, and Dr. Michael Skaliy with Atlanta Spine Specialists

John Ray, Dr. Michael Skaliy, Stefanie Sheehan, Ken Jones, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Dr. Michael Skaliy, Stefanie Sheehan, Ken Jones, Mike Sammond

Ken Jones/CMIT Solutions of North Fulton

CMIT Solutions is an IT managed service provider serving businesses in the Alpharetta, Roswell and greater Atlanta area. They have expertise in Network Management, Network Security, Business Continuity, Server management, Proactive Managed Services, Help Desk, VOIP, and managing Cloud Services. They bring big business solutions and expertise to the GA small/medium sized business market.

Stefanie Sheehan/Mastermind Your Launch

Mastermind Your Launch offers branding and content marketing consulting to CEO’s and entrepreneurs that are ready to step into a new level of visibility, recognition, and success. Stefanie Sheehan, founder of Mastermind Your Launch, has career experience advising and executing strategic marketing plans for CEO’s from pre-revenue startup to over $100M in annual. Stefanie’s passion is helping to position courageous startup founders and serial entrepreneurs as leaders in their industries so that they can effortlessly attract clients and partnerships. Stefanie also hosts the Mastermind Your Launch Podcast found in iTunes and Stitcher Radio which features over 60 interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs.

Dr. Michael Skaliy/Atlanta Spine Specialists

Specializing in minimally invasive non-surgical treatments, Atlanta Spine Specialists are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of your back pain. Fortunately, the majority of back pain patients do not need surgery in order to find relief. Minimally invasive treatments allow you to continue your daily activities with less interference to you and your family. At Atlanta Spine Specialists they can diagnosis and treat your back pain using the most advanced and up to date non-surgical techniques. They will then help you make a personal decision as to what treatment best meets your personal needs.


NORTH ATLANTA’S BIZLINK: Mary Hester with LAN Systems

Mike Sammond, Mary Hester, Deborah Lanham

Mike Sammond, Mary Hester, Deborah Lanham


mary-hester-lan-systemsMary Hester is the CEO of LAN Systems, which provides IT solutions in the Greater Metro Atlanta Area. Mary is an electrical engineer who believes her greatest strength is in her ability to connect with people and understand their unique technology needs. Through her leadership, LAN Systems has dedicated itself to providing business technology that works for people. As a computer systems expert, Mary works with many companies to get the highest efficiency from people and IT resources. She brings extensive experience managing a support and service group renowned for its “Best in the Industry” rating and standards. Mary is an expert in customer loyalty and retention. She has designed and delivered numerous training courses and workshops on a variety of topics. Understanding that service must be consistent and always meet the customer’s needs, Mary has developed a unique managed services model that provides personalized, high-quality services throughout the contract period. LAN Systems delivers this program with engineers and computer experts to many industries.

Mary has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from the University of Georgia at Athens. In addition to working with utilities on security and other topics, she is very involved in the industry and serves on several committees that address security concerns for public utilities. Mary is very active in the community and volunteers for several not-for-profit organizations that promote engineering education and careers to young people. She devotes her time to promoting engineering as a career to young women. Mary is the Vice Chairman for the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services. She also serves on the Board of Utility Technology Associates, a not-for-profit dedicated to the advancement of education and training for electric power utilities which conducts the Southeastern Meter School and the Distribution Apparatus School.

You can contact Mary at
















Craig Ganssle with Basecamp Networks, Joanne Newell with Center for Energy Healing, and Dr. Charles Krieger with Krieger Health Solutions

John Ray, Craig Ganssle, Joanne Newell, Dr. Charles Krieger, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Craig Ganssle, Joanne Newell, Dr. Charles Krieger, Mike Sammond

Criag Ganssel/Basecamp Networks

Basecamp Networks is an innovative technology company that specializes in network solutions and cloud based application management. At the core is their wireless network infrastructure, connecting everything from businesses to communities, campuses to farms. Basecamp Networks supports the WiFi ecosystem needed for the Internet of Things (IoT). While they build with the right technology to streamline your company or link with your city, they are also passionate about leveraging those solutions for greater global agricultural issues.

Joanne Newell/Center for Energy Healing

The Center for Energy Healing uses holistic healing techniques such as Reiki, Meditation and Hypnotherapy to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and lead an overall better quality of life! Founder Joanne Newell is an established leader in the healing profession who is dedicated to helping others achieve harmony, success and a greater sense of well-being in both their personal and professional life. Joanne’s mastery of energy healing comes through extensive training in the fields of energy medicine, meditation, intuitive development and hypnotherapy. Her unparalleled healing abilities combined with a BA in Psychology allows her to use an integrative approach by customizing sessions to meet the unique needs of each individual for complete mind-body-soul wellness. Located in Roswell, the Center for Energy Healing offers private sessions, group classes and training programs. Passionate about community involvement, the Center for Energy Healing is a business partner of Roswell High School, teaching meditative techniques to both students and teachers to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus and confidence.

Dr. Charles Krieger/Krieger Health Solutions

Krieger Health Solutions grew from a family chiropractic practice that was begun in 1959 in NYC by his father Dr. Arthur Krieger. Today they are in Roswell, GA and they provide chiropractic care for children and adults, functional nutrition and detoxification protocols. Dr. Krieger graduated Life Chiropractic School in 1984 and began practice with his father in 1985. Over the years the practice grew to include nutrition and other holistic practices which were incorporated to enhance their chiropractic adjustments which were and remain the core of their practice. Another aspect of their practice has been to help businesses save money by educating employees about health and wellness. It is not commonly known but companies, big and small, lose lots of revenue through lost work time, medication costs and lost production. Krieger Health Solutions can provide businesses with employee workshops on a number of health and safety topics that can help decrease or prevent lost production and prescription costs.

Amber Black with Jesse’s House, Tom Vooris with Choices To You, and Britt Adams with Whitby Handbags

John Ray, Britt Adams, Tom Vooris, Amber Black, Mike Sammond

John Ray, Britt Adams, Tom Vooris, Amber Black, Mike Sammond

Amber Black/Jesse’s House

Jesse’s House is an emergency and long-term shelter for at-risk female youth. Their mission is to provide safe and structured care in a nurturing environment to at-risk girls in order to adequately prepare them for life. The girls served at Jesse’s House have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or deprivation. Their referrals are received from the Department of Family and Children Services and the Forsyth County Juvenile Court. They are licensed with the state of Georgia to serve ages 7 to 21. Jesse’s House is a safe haven that not only meets the basic needs of shelter and food for the youth, but also provides counseling to address the trauma they have experienced, educational support to ensure academic success, daily living skills training to aid in their development goals, and appropriate family supports to mend the family unit.

Tom Vooris/Choices To You

Let Choices To You bring the restaurant to you! If you live in the North Fulton or Gwinnett County area of Atlanta, they’re about to make your life a whole lot easier! If you ever ask yourself, “Where’s the best restaurant delivery near me?”, they have got you covered. Try their food delivery service today! Choices To You lets you pick take out from some of the best restaurants around you. Feel like Italian? Mexican? Chinese? Who doesn’t love take out food?

Britt Adams/Whitby Handbags

Whitby Handbags is a socially conscious luxury accessories line devoted to the abolishment of modern-day slavery and human trafficking through the funding of girls and boys educations around the world. Founded by Britt Adams in August 2014, Whitby launched their first collection in August 2015 with the Codet Satchel. Whitby is committed to donating 30% of their profits to nonprofit partners in Haiti, Iraq, Thailand, and Peru. The new collection will be available for purchase online and at select retailers Spring 2017.