About “North Fulton Business Radio”

Each week from the Roswell Infiniti studio, hosts Mike Sammond and John Ray interview the area’s top business leaders to spotlight companies and entrepreneurs from across the region. Tune in to hear the live broadcast each week on Tuesdays at 11:30am EST.

North Fulton Business Radio is presented by North Point Executive Suites, the home of the Business RadioX studio in Alpharetta.

Our Featured Shows

Candice Campbell/Nimble. Design Company With nearly a decade of proven experience bringing connected brands to life in the built environment, Candice brings a strategic, thoughtful eye and holistic, experiential approach to every new engagement. Known for her relentless drive, meticulous attention to detail, and connected design approach, Candice has developed a reputation for delivering powerful … [more]

Steve Stroud/Roswell Inc. Roswell Inc guides the economic development initiatives for the City of Roswell through a public-private partnership, supporting the business community through education, promotion, and building impactful relationships, and cultivating strategic partnership and economic opportunities to ensure Roswell’s competitiveness and strengthen the quality of life for Roswell residents. Merrill Oakes/Urban Escape Games Real-life … [more]

Mark Wyssbrod has intertwined quality of work with small business economics, the importance of financial position and a tax strategy. He is referred to as a Small Business CFO™. As an Eagle Scout, he understands the significance of being prepared and, as an economist; he understands the worth of being efficient. Mark has lived in the … [more]

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